photo158The Shipman Youth Center is a non-profit driven group association giving backing to youngsters and youth ages 10-18. The organization was motivated by Thomas Shipman, an assigned Lake Placid youth cop who passed away in 1995.

It was worked with group gifts of cash, materials, and work. Since it’s creation, the SYC has given administrations to several youngsters. Programs incorporate homework time and help, group administrations, recreational administrations, week by week family style meals, moves, and visitor speakers. SYC gives an administered sheltered and energizing environment where neighborhood kids can develop and create as people.


Keep up a domain, involved offices, staff, and volunteers that assurance youthful people an opportunity to create and develop in sports, scholastics, and life. Convey this administration with an amazing state of consolation, reinforce, structure and development, in a secured, remunerating and positive way.

1. Draw attention and recall youthful boys and girls from distraught incidents.
2. Grant administrations with no money related boundaries to those in need. Assemble a society where individuals mix in and feel good developing at their own particular pace.
3.Gain esteem of the members of youth center so they feel great requesting help.
4. Support the development in individuals so they help each other to develop in a positive way.
5. Enrich the lives of members of youth center by building up a harmony between sport, instruction, and family.
6. Cheer up the members to create abilities that will permit them to contend at the most irregular level they choose.